Kids and Technology

Recently I decided to try a new approach a teaching my kids. I thought about it after watching how my kids interact with technology.  They are only Two and Four years old, and can already operate my Play Station 4. This got me thinking with all the technology out there now why not use it to teach my kids. I see them learn games and other stuff so why not their ABC’s and 123’s?

Last week I set up my old tablet for them. I put flash cards, matching games, puzzles and fun little bubble pop ABC games on it for them. Before I had tried the traditional way of teaching them with flash cards without much success. Now they each get an hour a day to play on it with supervision. So far it’s been successful. My Two-year old has started matching her shapes and her ABC’s and my Four year old has started recognizing her letters numbers and is able to write them. The best part is they think they are just playing. I couldn’t be happier with the current results.

I plan on continuing and finding new topics to explore with them.  I’m glad that I tried. It’s only been a week and already they have learned so much more than they had in the past. I’ll Post an update after doing this for about a month or Two. I hope I continue to see them learn and grow.

Thank you for reading.



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