Working house wife?

So recently I tried my hand at working again. While I did enjoy getting out of the house for a bit it took its toll. Having Two beautiful little girls, it’s easier to work opposites with my husband. For me that means working graveyard. 

Working nights really wasn’t to bad, however working nights then being up all day …. Not so much. I found that doing this left me irritable and with no energy at all. 

I began living off energy drinks trying to gain my energy back. It didn’t help. I would have energy or be gittery for a while then crash , and need another. 

While working nights took its toll on me my little ones I think had a harder time with it. My youngest still gets upset when I walk by the door.  My oldest asked a lot why mommy was gone some nights and home others. Now with me home again they are confused by me not going to work. 

Even with all this I did enjoy working. I felt like I was setting a good example for my girls. I got to show them that even mommy can work hard. For now however, my place is here with them. I do plan on trying again at some point. Maybe after they start school for the full day. For now I’m going to enjoy the best job ever.  Being their mommy.


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