Haier Washer and Dryer Review

Lets start with the Haier washer. It’s extremely convenient. It’s meant for apartments and R.V.s  so it’s small in size. I have had mine for about Four years now and I get fresh laundry every time. It comes with an adapter for your sink and quick connects after a little set up directly to your sink . there is a drainage hose as well that drains into the sink. I had the drainage hose fall out a few times so now we put it down the drain in the bathroom. the standard cycle is about 27 minutes long and they come out almost dry. there is a longer soak cycle  that is about 90 minutes. I add a few drops of orange or eucalyptus  oil and baking soda to a load of cleaning rags and it not only cleans the load,and the washer but it doubles as a diffuser. I do this once every Three months and the whole apartment smells amazing.

Now lets cover the dryer. This is also meant for apartments and R.V.s It takes a standard Three prong outlet and doesn’t use a lot of power . It has heat settings , cycle settings, and time settings for the timed dry setting. I love my dryer a lot. only down fall is it does take a long time to dry. the up side of this is there is a trick to get it done faster. I time dry on high heat  for about 12o minutes and put stuff like my jeans on a drying rack. Even with the long time It’s well worth the money




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