Dirty Laundry

Before I start today I wanted to apologize for the long wait . I  have connection issues on occasion.

I’m going to be posting twice today as today’s post comes with a product review. As you can tell by the title I’m covering laundry today. This has been my biggest chore as a housewife and mother as it never ends. I first encountered this when I had my oldest. I went from doing laundry once a week to at least three times in the week. Even then It got done. Now with Two little girls running around and making messes I had to find something that worked. Laundry in an apartment is tough as it is not mention expensive. Now add doing it every day. It adds up at $3.00 a load and about Two to Three loads a day. I had to find a way to get it all done and at a lower cost. We found a way…

To start with my household of Four I had to make a schedule.  It took a while and some playing with , but it got done. now I do my kids cloths on Monday, and Tuesday, my cloths on Wednesday , towels  and bedding on Thursday and Friday and my Husbands cloths on Sunday.  Having a schedule made my daily laundry go from all day to maybe Two hours of my day in total.

As for cost We were lucky enough to have found a nice sized  washer and dryer that hook up right to the sink. Before doing this however I would suggest checking  your lease if you’re in an apartment some allow it some don’t.  The initial cost is a bit high, however so is $3.00 a load.  My husband and I went from paying around $ 270 a month for laundry to paying for only the detergent and extras like Downy. Huge difference right? We thought so.  Not only did the price go way down but time spent on it did as well.

I truly hope enjoyed today’s first post. Thank you for reading .


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