Advice from Mom

Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of amazing advice from my mom.I wanted to share some of it today because in the 9 years that she’s been married to my step dad they haven’t ever really had a fight about any thing. Impressive right ? I know I think so. What’s their secret? My mom shared some of it with me. For starters, they’ve never had a roommate. I started with this one because, in all honesty this particular thing has caused me quite a bit of trouble. My husband truly has a big heart and can’t stop himself from helping others when he can. That’s part of what I fell in love with. At least one of our roommates in the past I found out tried to split us up while he was living with us, and I found out years later after having been sent rather inappropriate e-mails. So her first advice to me was if at all possible avoid having roommates while you’re married .

This one applies a little different now that I’m not 9 months pregnant with a 10 lb baby and my husband gets home from work by two in the afternoon. It’s really just common sense. Since I’m not working it’s my job to keep the house as spotless as possible, and take care of the little ones. Back when he got home at around Six I made sure to have a hot meal ready for him too. Now he just wants cold water.
These next bits of advice have kept my marriage incredibly happy. This applies to both spouses. First off never post anything bad out critical about your spouse. It’s disrespectful and hurtful. Second never call each other out in front of people or while upset . Wait till you’re alone and calm it won’t be a fight or at least not a big one. 
Lastly always treat your spouse like he’s a king or she’s a queen. Really appreciate the stuff your spouse does even the small stuff. A lot of stuff gets lost in our busy days but always try to show that you appreciate what your spouse does. That alone has helped my marriage be the happiest it’s ever been. Whether your spouse is going to work every day or at home like I am they work hard at it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the advice my mom has given me as much as I have.
Thank you for reading.


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