Organization and the House Wife

Over the past Five years I’ve learned that if you’re not organized life is without a doubt going to be crazy. As a house wife and a mother I not only have my life but my entire family’s lives and schedules to keep going smoothly. Between doctors appointments , school, shopping, and the million other things we have to do I’d lose my head if i didn’t have a plan.

I literally write everything down. I have a calendar for appointments and important dates, and a dry erase week chart for house work which I’ll touch on more in another post. I even go as far as using the calendar app in my phone to set reminders of upcoming events.

Before I started doing this my life was a crazy blur of thing I was trying to get done yet it always felt like I was getting nowhere. Life is crazy enough with Two very little girls, so I schedule everything from  chores to my oldest’s study time. I went from having no idea what was happening next and being a total stress case to calm and collected .

Here are some links to some of the tools I use every day to stay organized. I hope this helps you as much as it has me.

Tool #1 is my dry erase week planer that I use for my house work

Tool# 2 is also dry erase I love using this to keep track of all my important dates.

Tool #3 comes standard on most phones now and that’s the calendar app so i can set reminders of later dates like my WIC appointments that are scheduled months in advance at times.

I hope you’ve enjoyed and even been inspired by this post.

Thank you for reading.


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