Kids and Technology

Recently I decided to try a new approach a teaching my kids. I thought about it after watching how my kids interact with technology.  They are only Two and Four years old, and can already operate my Play Station 4. This got me thinking with all the technology out there now why not use it to teach my kids. I see them learn games and other stuff so why not their ABC’s and 123’s?

Last week I set up my old tablet for them. I put flash cards, matching games, puzzles and fun little bubble pop ABC games on it for them. Before I had tried the traditional way of teaching them with flash cards without much success. Now they each get an hour a day to play on it with supervision. So far it’s been successful. My Two-year old has started matching her shapes and her ABC’s and my Four year old has started recognizing her letters numbers and is able to write them. The best part is they think they are just playing. I couldn’t be happier with the current results.

I plan on continuing and finding new topics to explore with them.  I’m glad that I tried. It’s only been a week and already they have learned so much more than they had in the past. I’ll Post an update after doing this for about a month or Two. I hope I continue to see them learn and grow.

Thank you for reading.



Working house wife?

So recently I tried my hand at working again. While I did enjoy getting out of the house for a bit it took its toll. Having Two beautiful little girls, it’s easier to work opposites with my husband. For me that means working graveyard. 

Working nights really wasn’t to bad, however working nights then being up all day …. Not so much. I found that doing this left me irritable and with no energy at all. 

I began living off energy drinks trying to gain my energy back. It didn’t help. I would have energy or be gittery for a while then crash , and need another. 

While working nights took its toll on me my little ones I think had a harder time with it. My youngest still gets upset when I walk by the door.  My oldest asked a lot why mommy was gone some nights and home others. Now with me home again they are confused by me not going to work. 

Even with all this I did enjoy working. I felt like I was setting a good example for my girls. I got to show them that even mommy can work hard. For now however, my place is here with them. I do plan on trying again at some point. Maybe after they start school for the full day. For now I’m going to enjoy the best job ever.  Being their mommy.

Haier Washer and Dryer Review

Lets start with the Haier washer. It’s extremely convenient. It’s meant for apartments and R.V.s  so it’s small in size. I have had mine for about Four years now and I get fresh laundry every time. It comes with an adapter for your sink and quick connects after a little set up directly to your sink . there is a drainage hose as well that drains into the sink. I had the drainage hose fall out a few times so now we put it down the drain in the bathroom. the standard cycle is about 27 minutes long and they come out almost dry. there is a longer soak cycle  that is about 90 minutes. I add a few drops of orange or eucalyptus  oil and baking soda to a load of cleaning rags and it not only cleans the load,and the washer but it doubles as a diffuser. I do this once every Three months and the whole apartment smells amazing.

Now lets cover the dryer. This is also meant for apartments and R.V.s It takes a standard Three prong outlet and doesn’t use a lot of power . It has heat settings , cycle settings, and time settings for the timed dry setting. I love my dryer a lot. only down fall is it does take a long time to dry. the up side of this is there is a trick to get it done faster. I time dry on high heat  for about 12o minutes and put stuff like my jeans on a drying rack. Even with the long time It’s well worth the money


Dirty Laundry

Before I start today I wanted to apologize for the long wait . I  have connection issues on occasion.

I’m going to be posting twice today as today’s post comes with a product review. As you can tell by the title I’m covering laundry today. This has been my biggest chore as a housewife and mother as it never ends. I first encountered this when I had my oldest. I went from doing laundry once a week to at least three times in the week. Even then It got done. Now with Two little girls running around and making messes I had to find something that worked. Laundry in an apartment is tough as it is not mention expensive. Now add doing it every day. It adds up at $3.00 a load and about Two to Three loads a day. I had to find a way to get it all done and at a lower cost. We found a way…

To start with my household of Four I had to make a schedule.  It took a while and some playing with , but it got done. now I do my kids cloths on Monday, and Tuesday, my cloths on Wednesday , towels  and bedding on Thursday and Friday and my Husbands cloths on Sunday.  Having a schedule made my daily laundry go from all day to maybe Two hours of my day in total.

As for cost We were lucky enough to have found a nice sized  washer and dryer that hook up right to the sink. Before doing this however I would suggest checking  your lease if you’re in an apartment some allow it some don’t.  The initial cost is a bit high, however so is $3.00 a load.  My husband and I went from paying around $ 270 a month for laundry to paying for only the detergent and extras like Downy. Huge difference right? We thought so.  Not only did the price go way down but time spent on it did as well.

I truly hope enjoyed today’s first post. Thank you for reading .

Advice from Mom

Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of amazing advice from my mom.I wanted to share some of it today because in the 9 years that she’s been married to my step dad they haven’t ever really had a fight about any thing. Impressive right ? I know I think so. What’s their secret? My mom shared some of it with me. For starters, they’ve never had a roommate. I started with this one because, in all honesty this particular thing has caused me quite a bit of trouble. My husband truly has a big heart and can’t stop himself from helping others when he can. That’s part of what I fell in love with. At least one of our roommates in the past I found out tried to split us up while he was living with us, and I found out years later after having been sent rather inappropriate e-mails. So her first advice to me was if at all possible avoid having roommates while you’re married .

This one applies a little different now that I’m not 9 months pregnant with a 10 lb baby and my husband gets home from work by two in the afternoon. It’s really just common sense. Since I’m not working it’s my job to keep the house as spotless as possible, and take care of the little ones. Back when he got home at around Six I made sure to have a hot meal ready for him too. Now he just wants cold water.
These next bits of advice have kept my marriage incredibly happy. This applies to both spouses. First off never post anything bad out critical about your spouse. It’s disrespectful and hurtful. Second never call each other out in front of people or while upset . Wait till you’re alone and calm it won’t be a fight or at least not a big one. 
Lastly always treat your spouse like he’s a king or she’s a queen. Really appreciate the stuff your spouse does even the small stuff. A lot of stuff gets lost in our busy days but always try to show that you appreciate what your spouse does. That alone has helped my marriage be the happiest it’s ever been. Whether your spouse is going to work every day or at home like I am they work hard at it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the advice my mom has given me as much as I have.
Thank you for reading.

Something New

Today’s post is about trying something new.  My family’s routine was starting to get really boring and it felt like we were all going through the motions. To fix this I added something new to it. We’ve been trying this a few weeks now ,so I thought I’d share it with you guys. I added salad nights to our  month. It’s still a work in progress but it’s spiced things up a bit. Every Thursday night we try a new salad. My kids have been loving it , because as odd as it is they absolutely love vegetables. With this being a huge hit with my family I’ve been considering adding more theme nights like crock pot night, or movie night.


Organization and the House Wife

Over the past Five years I’ve learned that if you’re not organized life is without a doubt going to be crazy. As a house wife and a mother I not only have my life but my entire family’s lives and schedules to keep going smoothly. Between doctors appointments , school, shopping, and the million other things we have to do I’d lose my head if i didn’t have a plan.

I literally write everything down. I have a calendar for appointments and important dates, and a dry erase week chart for house work which I’ll touch on more in another post. I even go as far as using the calendar app in my phone to set reminders of upcoming events.

Before I started doing this my life was a crazy blur of thing I was trying to get done yet it always felt like I was getting nowhere. Life is crazy enough with Two very little girls, so I schedule everything from  chores to my oldest’s study time. I went from having no idea what was happening next and being a total stress case to calm and collected .

Here are some links to some of the tools I use every day to stay organized. I hope this helps you as much as it has me.

Tool #1 is my dry erase week planer that I use for my house work

Tool# 2 is also dry erase I love using this to keep track of all my important dates.

Tool #3 comes standard on most phones now and that’s the calendar app so i can set reminders of later dates like my WIC appointments that are scheduled months in advance at times.

I hope you’ve enjoyed and even been inspired by this post.

Thank you for reading.